Virtual Reality (VR)

Marketing & promotion with Virtual Reality

Immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality with VR Visio. We are able to create fully interactive virtual showrooms, real estate visualisations, simulators, games and many more. Creativity is the only limit!


VR Games

Multi-platform virtual reality games

Check out our newest VR releases, like the fun and truly immersive Drone Hunter VR, developed for Oculus CV1 and HTC VIVE. More titles coming soon!


Augmented Reality (AR)

Marketing & promotion with Augmented Reality

Discover our flagship products like Magic Mirror and other custom AR applications, which will attract people to your stand at the fair or animate the participants on your promotional event. Make your customers interact with your products in an entirely new way!


Spherical 360° Videos

360° videos and presentations

Using the newest technology, we can create a truly memorable and captivating experience for your customers. Create a breathtaking promotional material, give your audience a fully interactive look at a tradeshow, a real estate interior, or even a sports event!


Mixed Reality Capture

The virtual world of your brand

We present a new quality of recording videos in one of the world's first fully interactive film studios based on Virtual Reality - the VR Visio Studio. Thanks to mixed reality capture technology and live 3D effects we can create proffessional videos with absolutely no postproduction effort! Leave the boundaries of reality far behind!


VR & AR Events

VR & AR on your event

We can deliver and present games/applications from our portfolio, or develop custom content for your event. As an experienced VR&AR marketing company, we know exactly how to animate your audience. Let’s show them a whole new interactive world!


Solutions to attract customers like a magnet

VR Visio is a full service Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) studio, designing innovative software for marketing, promotion and many other fields. We create fully immersive, interactive VR & AR experiences for HTC VIVE, Microsoft Hololens, Oculus, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and many other platforms, defining the future of marketing.

Our products and services can be applied on various fields, from marketing campaigns and events, to interactive trainings and simulations. We develop unique VR/AR/MR apps, 360 degree videos and multi-touch screen applications, taking marketing to an entirely new level. Brands like Cadillac or Pepsi have already trusted our skills!

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Virtual Reality

We design fully immersive VR applications for all available platforms. Communicate with your customers through this whole new medium!

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Augmented Reality

From event instalations based on AR, to interactive applications, which can transform your printed promotional materials into an interactive presentation of your product.

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Mixed Reality Solutions

Microsoft Hololens developed a revolutionary concept of mixing your real view with virtual images and holograms opened up a whole new world of possibilities, which we can bring into play.

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VR/AR Events

We design and rent VR/AR instalations for various kinds of events. Try one of the bestselling instalations, like Magic Mirror, or ask us to create a custom one, just for you!

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Mixed Reality Studio

Thanks to mixed reality capture technology and live 3D effects we can create professional videos with absolutely no postproduction effort! Visit our studio’s website(link) to learn about the possibilities.

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360 Videos

Over 10 years in film industry makes us one of the most experienced companies on the field of movie production. Let your customers immerse themselves into your video!


Each project is a new journey. One that we would be happy to undertake together with you. We exert our very best efforts to understand and fulfill your expectations and suggest possible enhancements. Below you will find many, many hours of work encapsulated in few short videos which we are very proud to showcase.

Fear Simulator

DateFebruary 2015
HardwareOculus Rift DK2, Microsoft Kinect

Polpharma approached us because they wanted to create something special for the event they were organizing. We knew that for an idea to become memorable it needs to touch our emotions. After our brainstorm, the vision of FEAR SIMULATOR crystallised in our heads and POLPHARMA liked the idea! The fear and shock that were experienced during this event were captured by the careful eye of our cameras. Hit PLAY if you are not afraid...

Cadillac ATSL VR Game

ClientCadillac / AR Senses
DateApril 2015
HardwareOculus Rift DK2, Leap Motion

Cadillac was aiming to make their Shanghai EXPO more interesting so we created a mini-game for them. To detect hand movements we paired Leap Motion with Oculus Rift and asked the players to move 6 randomly generated car parts onto the vehicle. If you want to provide some unique experiences for your customers VR is the way to go!.

RiftCoaster HD

ClientOur own project
DateSeptember 2014
Free demo 0.35b (beta)

We have created one of the most popular Oculus Rift DK2 demos (over 25 000 downloads). It takes advantage of the Unreal Engine 4 with its beautiful graphics! You can download it for free using the link above.

Sopot from above!

DateJuly 2013
HardwareCustom-made camera rig + paraglide

We shot a 360 degree footage of the most popular tourist resort in Poland. For this we have constructed a camera rig for 9 GoPro cameras. Person who watches this on VR goggles can move their head and feel like they are actually inside of the video. Everybody else can left-click on the video and move your mouse around.

RiftCoaster HD - spherical video

ClientOur own project
DateFebruary 2015

This is the spherical version of the RiftCoaster video. If you don't have VR goggles you can left-click the video and move the cursor around to see that it is truly interactive.


Developed in collaboration with multiTap
DateMay 2015
HardwareMultitouch screen + a little bit of magic

Have you ever wanted to be on the cover of Forbes magazine? you can! The best part is that you don't have to have a thick wallet :) We have created this photobooth for Multitap and it works like this: First it grabs a live green-screen picture and after a moment places it against whatever background you prefer (in this case a cover of a magazine). Additionally the photos can be automatically printed on photo-quality paper (it works with most printers).

Poznan JUMP

Developed in collaboration with multiTap
DateJuly 2013
HardwareOculus Rift DK2

This was a fun project that we have created for POZNAN EXPO. We have attached a camera onto Oculus Rift which feeds the live footage into the goggles. After sensing a jump there is a short transition effect and then it shifts to pre-recorded drone footage that was shot above the building. One can look around for a brief moment and then one falls down again inside the building :)

Face Mapping

ClientMangoTV (Chineese Client)
DateSeptember 2016

VR VISIO has captured their latest work concerning video face mapping for a famous program called "SuperGirl". It's a hit talent show broadcasted in Chinese television on the "MangoTV" channel. Video mapping is a real hit in the video arts industry. That's why the chinese company wanted to use it in the final episode of their show. Polish company made an application to map their custom made video material on the faces of the final contestants. It was streamed live in the chinese tv and watched by over 400 mln of people.

Mirinda AR

DateMarch 2015

Here you can see our AR application for PEPSI which was presented during Shanghai EXPO. People could make fun pictures with interactive characters from Mirinda posters.

VR drone simulator

DateJanuary 2014
HardwareOculus Rift, Custom controllers

Airborn is a drone flying training facility. We have came up with the idea and initiative to create a drone flying simulator, an app for Airborn students so that they could safely learn to fly drones and create certain habits before they transition to live training. This minimises both the risk of destroying expensive equipment and the risk of doing harm to oneself or fellow students. The project involved making 3D scans of the real-life drone flying environment in Pomeranian Science and Technology Park and then drone behaviour analysis to create the best game physics possible. In the end we worked on controls and managed to use the regular real-life controller to steer the virtual drone.

Real Estate VR possibilities

DateOctober 2013
HardwareOculus Rift, Wii Controller

This presentation was created for SEMEKO - a real estate developer that wanted a unique way to appeal to their customers. They have built one of the most creative housing estates in Poland (and one of only two in Europe with Aquapark with real sharks!). We have designed a virtual walk through (or rather fly-through :)) the Aquapark. It made a lasting impression and created a lot of joy which you can see on peoples faces. On top of that we did a presentation of few Aquasfera housing estate apartments in Virtual World using very realistic render - people could walk around, visit each room and get a feel for the property they could potentially buy. We have created a branded white version of Oculus Rift especially prepared for this occasion.

Arrinera VR interior selector

DateJune 2014
HardwareOculus Rift, Leap Motion

We had the enormous pleasure to create a VR app for a supercar manufacturer - Arrinera. They wanted to provide an ability for their clients to change the interior of the car. We were working closely with Pavlo Burkatskyy - Arrinera Hussarya chief designer (visible in the video).

VR Piano

ClientOur own project!
DateApril 2013
HardwareOculus Rift, Leap Motion

We played around with the idea of creating VR piano. Here you can see our Leap Motion implementation tests during this project.

Mind Control



Cadillac CT6

Client Cadillac

A 360 video capture from Cadillac CT6 project created by VR VISIO - a fully immersive VR application made for the needs of the newest Cadillac’s Asian premiere. It allows the users to get into this luxurious vehicle and take an unforgettable trip through the streets of sunny Barcelona from the driver’s perspective - without even leaving their room. The whole experience stays as real as possible and make you feel fully immersed thanks to combining a 360 degree stereoscopic video with 3D fully-detailed models.

Hukizo Interior VR

Developed in collaboration with Hukizo
DateMay 2015
HardwareOculus Rift

Interactive interior visualisation based on Unreal Engine 4 and Oculus Rift DK2.

Magic Mirror

ClientOur own project
DateJune 2015
HardwareKinect + seamless screen or projector

Magic Mirror instalation is a hit in the event industry. Effectively attracting and animating all people in its environment. The installation shows a virtual reflection of people who are against it and adds additional elements (costumes, characters, items, or the impression of "x-ray" ... here we are only limited by creativity). Standard software can be also converted into the a to make the experience even more interactive. Additional modules allow the system to take pictures and send them to the email specified by a customer, who is then listed your the mailing list. Magic Mirror is a perfect event solution that is always tailored to individual customer needs.

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    Magic Mirror

    Augmented Reality instalation

  • project 1

    Cadillac CT6

    Cadillac China

  • project 8

    Face Mapping

    MangoTV (China)

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    Cadillac ATSL VR

    Cadillac / AR Senses

  • project 1

    Fear Simulator


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    RiftCoaster HD (spherical video)

    Free spherical video demo

  • project 4

    Sopot from above!

    Free spherical video demo

  • project 10

    VR Drone Simulator


  • project 11

    Real Estate VR - Visualisation


  • project 12

    Arrinera - interior selector

    Arrinera Automotive Holding PLC

  • project 14

    Hukizo Interior VR


Our Team

There are 3 pillars of our company - CEO (Adam Cegielski), CTO (Damian Karczewski) and Art Director (Paul Lazniak). By combining our experience in managing projects, film production and our expertise in new technologies with passion for Virtual Reality we are able to solve even the most complex problems for our clients. We are a closely-knit proving that with good teamwork we can achieve a lot!

team 1

Damian Karczewski


Damian came up with many ideas crucial for the developement of this company. He is very creative and always engaged! Finalist of Intel Business Challenge 2015 in Vilnus and recipient of 1st place at Gdynia Business Plan competiton. Passion + knowledge = great CTO :)

team 1

Adam Cegielski


Adam has a technical background and many years of experience when it comes to meeting customers' demands. He would love to help out so please contact us via the form below.

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Paul Lazniak

Art Director

Years of experience in spearheading big projects for companies like Sony, Shell, Heineken, MTV and T-mobile. Before VR VISIO he lead a video production company filled with the best talent in northern Poland.


"We decided to initiate a long-term cooperation with VR VISIO and trust them even with our most challenging projects because they are a young and dynamic team that is not afraid of challenges. One example comes to mind where we asked them to create a complicated app based on NEURO MIND technology. The end result was great!"

client 1 MULTITAP Marcin Borowski

"During the conception stage we have received a lot of help and understanding from VR VISIO. Additionally we were constantly in the loop which gave us peace and security that our project is on the right track. "

client 2 AR SENSES Chris Chuang

"We have given VR VISIO the mission to create a virtual reality drone simulator with the main goal of allowing our clients to train flying. We believe investing in new technologies is crucial and we wanted to thank VR VISIO for their work.

client 3 AIRBORN Sebastian Nowicki

Our Clients

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If you want to run some ideas passed us or if you have any questions feel free to write us!

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